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Our DigCitJourney: Making a DigCitIMPACT in Local, Global & Digital Communities

Dr. Marialice BFX Curran & Curran Dee

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 7-8 PM

Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/953102949 

If you are committed and driven by intergenerational connections and community outreach, join our webinar where we’ll share how we guide and transform local, global, and digital communities around the world through our mindful digital citizenship approach at school, at home, and at work.

Focused on how to use technology for good every single day, we’ll highlight stories and examples from our own mother and son journey which began in preschool and continues today in middle school. We’ll also share our transition from DigCitKids to DigCitSports and Digital Sportsmanship as our journey has evolved. 

With a spotlight on some #DigCitAroundTheWorld stories from our DigCitKids book, we’ll continue to demonstrate the power of learning together as one world, one human race. 

Participants will learn how our DigCitIMPACT model helps create experiences for an entire community to learn and network together. We'll share our roadmap that we use with school communities on how to make a positive difference online at school, home and work.

Dr. Curran is the Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Citizenship Institute.

They recently told their mother/son story, DigCitKids: Lessons Learning Side-by-Side, to Empower Others Around the World.

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