New England ISTE is an organization that represents the ISTE affiliates in the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Our goal is to provide a forum for coordination and support of the state-wide initiatives involving technology organizations across the region.

Kern Kelley and the Tech Sherpas 
Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 7PM
Why is it important for students to learn to code? Coding is a mindset that exposes students to critical thinking, troubleshooting, and especially problem solving. Not only do students need to dissect the problem they are motivated to come up with the most efficient solution. And when something inevitably doesn't work as planned, they need to iterate, iterate, iterate because that's how coding works. It's important for student to develop the patience to unpack a problem and make thoughtful adjustments and methodically test the results of their changes. This is a difficult skill that is important for kids to develop. If you are worried your students may not have the background needed, if your students have basic math skills they're ready to get started. Like anything, it's the application of the knowledge that is important.

The new lineup will focus on coding and computer science K-12. Webinars will be posted here as they are scheduled! If you have recommendations for presenters or want to present, please contact (gharrington at neiste dot org)

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ACTEM - Leadership Conference - Network Security April 24, 2018. Portland Holiday Inn by the Bay
NH CTO Evolution - membership, communication, spring conference - May 3rd - The Inn at Mills Falls - Church Landing, Meredith, NH
Tech & Learning Live Boston Friday, April 27, 2018 - Use code NEISTE to get $100 off.
ISTE 2018 Chicago - June 24-27 2018 -

Scratch Conference 2018: The Next GenerationCall for proposals - July 26-28 for Scratch@MIT 2018 -

ISTE Affiliate Summit, Saturday, June 23 8:30-3:30, Chicago

CECA ConferenceOctober 21-22, 2018, CECA CASL 2018 - Pathways to the Standards, Fox Tower Conference Center at Foxwoods, 240 Fox Tower Drive, Ledyard, CT 06338 (Call for Proposals)

ACTEM Conference(ACTEM Call for Proposals)

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