New England ISTE is an organization that represents the ISTE affiliates in the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Our goal is to provide a forum for coordination and support of the state-wide initiatives involving technology organizations across the region.


Deadline: March 31.

Quick reminder from ISTE – here’s a very easy way to add your voice to the collective group! Simply sign on to the letter through this link.  

Then, if you have time, take the attached letter and modify it as necessary, and send to your state legislators (offices of the US Rep or Senator). You can add stories about the importance of federal funding in your areas of expertise, or perhaps the risk to students, educators, and schools if this program is not funded.


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Maker Mindset and Tools – Bringing Them to the Classroom

Thursday, March 16t at 7:00 PM

Zoom Room -

The ongoing Maker Revolution enriches Makerspaces with innovative technology. Since evolving from community hobbyist spaces to Makerspaces in schools and libraries, MakerEd has vast implications for 21st century education. Resonating with children’s natural stage of discovery and powered by pedagogy of active learning, growth mindset and experiential education, MakerEd strengthens student-centered teaching practices, increases engagement and ownership in learning, and provides an outlet for students to join the vibrant global community of problem solvers.

In this presentation, we will discuss various types of Maker spaces, look at potent ways to incorporate MakerEd into classrooms through Tech Bundle customization, Mobile Makerspaces, Try First approach, and partnership in professional development, and analyze some successful MakerEd programs.


Registrations will open soon for the 2017 lineup. All Webinars are East Coast Time!

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2017 Conference Schedule
ACTEM -  *ACTEM Spring Leadership Conference* April 26, 2017  •  Holiday Inn by the Bay - Portland, ME
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Tech&Learning Live - Boston - May 12, 2017 at the Boston Marriott Newton -
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VITA - Learn - Dynamic Landscapes - May 22-23.

ISTE - San Antonio - June 25-28 (NEISTE reception Sunday, June 25 more details to follow...)

Summer Tech Institute August 7-11​

ACTEM 2017 Conference October 12-13 @ Augusta Civic Center

CECA 2017 (more details soon...)

Vita-Learn - Vermont Fest (more details soon...)

Check the NEISTE Calendar and the calendars of each affiliate for more events...