NEISTE members gather twice each year.  The Spring meeting coincides with the Vendor Summit event in Massachusetts and the Fall meetings rotate between the other New England states.

 Date     Location
 Fall 2019 TBD
 Spring 2019 TBD
 Fall 2018 New Hampshire - December 7/8
 Spring 2018 New Hampshire
 Fall 2017 New Hampshire
 Spring 2017 Foxboro, Massachusetts
 Fall 2016 Rhode Island
 Spring 2016 Foxboro, Massachusetts
 Fall 2015 Connecticut
 Spring 2015 Foxboro, Massachusetts
 Fall 2014 Maine
 Spring 2014 Foxboro, Massachusetts
 Fall 2013 Vermont
 Spring 2013 Foxboro, Massachusetts
 Fall 2012     New Hampshire
 Spring 2012 Foxboro, Massachusetts