View Webinar Directions

View Webinar Directions 
Supported browsers are Safari, Firefox, and IE. 
Mac OS 10.8.4. info from Blackboard...

Please take the time to set up for the webinar well in advance. It is difficult to help with technical problems once we have begun. Safari and Firefox seem to be the most dependable. I will be online for 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. Test your connection. Email if you are having problems.

Technical Help for Blackboard Collaborate click here

Technical Help for Blackboard Collaborate, Mac, and Java Problems

Having java issues on your MacBookPro? The problem you are describing is an Apple problem because they are no longer updating the Java with Software Update and the new java version doesn't work on Macs. I knew that was an issue so I have not updated java and I have no problems accessing the sessions on my iMac and MacBookPro. I can also access them on my iPad using the Blackboard Collaborate app and can see and hear everything except for web tours. 

"There is a difference between running applets and having Java installed. Apple -installed- a new version of Java. Apple -uninstalled- the automatic running of web-based applets using that Java."

Do you have a backup copy of Java in your TimeMachine? You might be able to go back to that version. I'm using Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_35-b10-428. This is an explanation offered by AppleInsider about the java updates.

If you are brave and want to try using your Terminal commands you can fix it following this advice shared on my Mac Users Group.

You can also check with the Collaborate user group at

Viewing Webinars: 
Chat Room (JAVA based) is below the Ustream window and can be floated on your desktop. (Double window icon after you log in with just your name; no password required.) 
(Quick Video Tutorial for this page.

For participants:
When streaming, you should see "LIVE" at the bottom the Ustream window. To keep the window the same size while playing, use the small "play" arrow to the left of "on air." Unfortunately, there will be commercials before and during the streaming which are unavoidable.

We will be using the 'Add-on chat' for our chatroom. This is located underneath the Ustream window. The chat is JAVA-based so you may need to update/turn on JAVA if you only see a gray window stating you are missing the plug-in or need to activate it. Once updated, you will see a space to type your name (enter what you want) and click "Sign In." Once signed in, you can 'float' the chat room so you can move it near the Ustream player. Click on the icon that looks like a double window. You can now move it around on our desktop.

PLAN B - We will use the chat that is embedded with Ustream. Unless it has changed recently, you will need to create an account for Ustream to participate in the chat. If the viewer is playing and you can not see the chat to the right, stop the webinar and click the play button in the center of the viewing screen. There should be a tab for Chat.

There is a quick video tutorial** located at

JAVA download and install for Mac -
JAVA download and install for Windows -